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Crown Candy Kitchen

While much has changed in the ice cream and confectionery world, Crown Candy has remained true to its roots. Rather than serving up the ever-popular nitro-churned tapioca ice or freeze-dried dots, they've continued serving those classics found in an old-fashioned soda fountain. They've been a local favorite for more than a century. The location is filled with coca-cola collectibles, a jukebox blaring favorites from the 50s, as well as a soda fountain. The founders brought their confectionary skills from Greece, opening Crown Candy Kitchen in 1913. It is still operated by third and fourth generations who continue to make their own chocolate candy based on the original recipe.

Savory Items

Besides the soda fountain and candy, Crown Candy Kitchen also serves great food for lunch or dinner such as the restaurant's signature sandwich, the "Heart-Stopping BLT" with a serious pile of bacon served with lettuce, tomato, and Miracle Whip on white toast. Additional classic sandwich options included grilled cheese on thick-sliced Texas toast, a gourmet beef frank with or without chili, homemade chicken salad, and roast beef cheddar melt. They also prepare a homemade chili guaranteed to warm up anyone before or after a hefty ice cream treat. Their chili is served in a bowl, on tamales, and even in their mac and cheese.

Just Desserts

Of course, no visit to Crown Candy Kitchen is complete without dessert. Their sundaes are legendary and topped with everything from hot chocolate to marshmallows to buttered pecans and the malts are reminiscent of the old-school soda jerks. Some of their other world-renowned desserts are their butterscotch malted, chocolate phosphate or the Johnny Rabbit Special which is their version of the banana split. And for the extra hungry or brave, Crown Candy Kitchen offers a malt challenge where those who drink five malts or milkshakes within thirty minutes not only get them for free but also take home a t-shirt and get their name added to the Wall of Winners.

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Crown Candy Kitchen

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