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Clarion Alley

Clarion Alley is a special artistic endeavor. Since its humble beginnings in 1992, more than 500 artists have left their mark here. At 560 feet long and 16 feet wide, it's both an intimate setting and a spacious one. There is plenty to see, with constantly changing artwork. Many of the artworks' themes focus on justice and giving a voice to important issues.

Dedicated to Social Justice

What sets the Clarion Alley Mural Project apart is its overall focus on respect, compassion, and social justice. The entire project was formed with the vision of inclusivity and variety. In the world of art, every perspective is important; each point of view is valid and necessary. The founding members of Clarion Alley understood this idea and created the project after being influenced by Balmy Alley, another alley of murals that focuses on humanitarian issues in Central America. While Balmy Alley focuses on Central America, Clarion Alley broadens its vision. There is no single theme to be found at Clarion Alley. Instead, the murals encompass two primary goals: variety and aesthetics.

Promoting Inclusivity

Clarion Alley is not concerned with profit. The group emphasizes community and uses the art for economic and political messaging. Over 700 murals have been produced by artists ranging in experience, age, and ethnicity. Clarion Alley is an artistic hub for the San Francisco area, which unites the community with tasteful creative expression. Clarion Alley reminds us all that the importance that art can have in political and social conversations. If social justice is your thing, make sure you stop by Clarion Alley and appreciate the hard work these artists have put in.

Cover image by David McSpadden is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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Clarion Alley

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