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Playing an active role in the success of the Lincoln Park business since 1947, today’s Lincoln Park Chamber of Commerce is evolving to reflect the entire neighborhood – from families calling it home to businessmen and women making their livelihood to friends visiting for the day.

CityWide SuperSlow is changing the game when it comes to weight lifting. Studies have long showed that strength training is essential to overall health and well- being for people of every age and ability. Among the benefits of a regular lifting program are a decrease in body fat, higher resting metabolic rate, enhanced flexibility and balance, improved sleep, resistance to injury and many more. At CityWide SuperSlow the emphasis is on shorter more intense workouts and slower longer reps.

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The SuperSlow strength technique is different than the traditional style of weight training. Rather than going at the typical 1-2 seconds per repetition, the SuperSlow technique aims for about 18-23 seconds per repetition using specialized MEDX machines to help control the speed and isolate the targeted muscles, and all you need is 20 minutes twice a week. SuperSlow is an incredibly safe kind of exercise with very little likelihood of an injury. SuperSlow is for anyone who really wants to maximize every single second they are in the gym.

With the unique high-intensity and low impact sessions at SuperSlow there is no wasted effort, no superfluous work. By concentrating on every rep being as slow as possible, the muscles are worked harder and results are generated faster than most fitness programs. Citywide SuperSlow offers state of the art facilities, highly experienced trainers, and a cutting edge time optimized lifting regime.

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Lincoln Park Fitness Guide

CityWide SuperSlow Strength + Fitness

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