Checkered Past Winery

1409 S Lamar St #008 Dallas

Instagrammable Wineries in Dallas/Checkered Past Winery
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Checkered Past Winery

Depending on the day you visit, there is always a lot going on at the Checkered Past Winery. If you happen to be in town between Thursday and Saturday, you will be treated to live music which makes for a great Instagram photo or video. Other various events going on throughout the week include Friends Day and Thursday Night Flights. Checkered Past always promises a good time, no matter when you visit! The owner and winemaker Sandro DiSanto is carrying on the tradition of winemaking from his Sicilian grandfather. Unlike most other wineries on the list, however, this one also has over 20 locally brewed craft beers available on tap.

If you are looking for a place that you can enjoy wine without having to worry too much about being too fancy, this is the place for you. Checkered Past Winery has a laid back and casual environment. They hope to make it known that wine is for everyone, not just a certain class of people. The couches spread throughout help to make the environment even more comfortable and relaxing - perfect for a night out. This is a really fun environment for you to take photos in. The interior consists of brick, wood and concrete elements to help you get a charming and rustic look for your pictures. There are also wine barrels that you can pose with along with a checkered theme throughout.

From live music to wine tastings, check out the events offered at Checkered Past

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Instagrammable Wineries in Dallas

Checkered Past Winery

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