Historical Evening: Charleston Museum

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SEMC Scavenger Hunt/Historical Evening: Charleston Museum
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Join us In Charleston, South Carolina IN 2019! Don't forget to save the dates and mark your calendars for SEMC 2019, October 21-23!

The Charleston Museum

You've had a busy day exploring the city and the conference! Solve challenges during the Historical Evening event for the chance to earn more entries. The first stop....explrong The Charleston Museum.

Established in 1773, the Charleston Museum bills itself as "America's first museum". Its eclectic and highly regarded collection includes historical artifacts, natural history, decorative arts, and two historic Charleston houses. Take a look inside in the video below!

Permanent Exhibits

The museum's broad focus allows for a variety of fascinating permanent exhibitions. In the realm of history, there are permanent exhibits on the American Revolution, the Civil War, and colonial and African American history. The Armory showcases historic weaponry dating from 1750 to the 20th century.

The "Early Days" exhibit displays a wide-ranging collection of exotic items from around the world that reflect the museum's cosmopolitan focus in the nineteenth century. Highlights include an Egyptian mummy, Greek & Roman artifacts, and jarred biological specimens preserved in rum. Finally, a natural history gallery is home to extraordinary fossils, specimens, bird and animal mounts, and geologic examples native to the Lowcountry of South Carolina. Highlights of this exhibition include a skeleton of the Pelagornis, the world's largest known flying bird, and other prehistoric animal species who once lived in the area. The museum also hosts temporary exhibits and special events.

Your Challenge

The museum has a prosthetic arm that a Colonel wore after being badly wounded defending Battery Wagner. You can find this in the City Under Siege: Charleston in the Civil War exhibition. What was the name of that Colonel?

HINT: You can also find the answer in the Discover the H. L. Hunley experience on VAMONDE.

What style of column is featured on the outside of the Confederate Museum? (one word)

SEMC Scavenger Hunt

Historical Evening: Charleston Museum

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