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The almost mile-long boardwalk takes visitors on a tour of the state's Ice Age past. Many plants and animals that lived in Ohio during that time are the same ones living here today. (Of course, some are vastly different: Mastodons, mammoths, giant ground sloths and giant beavers most likely fed at Cedar Bog back then. Eek!)

A National Natural Landmark, Cedar Bog Nature Preserve is the largest and best example of a boreal and prairie fen complex in Ohio. It has many rare plants and animals as well as excellent orchid, prairie and woodland wildflower displays. In fact, Cedar Bog is home to 40% of Ohio’s rare species. This natural abundance is certainly one of the reasons the ancient Indian cultures of Ohio once made Cedar Bog their home.

There is always something exciting to see at Cedar Bog Nature Preserve. In February, skunk cabbage blooms because it can thaw the ice and snow around it. In March and April, a sea of marsh marigolds appear. The much sought after and showy lady slipper orchid attracts a great deal of attention in May. With patience, you might even catch a glimpse of the elusive and endangered spotted turtle or the even more reclusive endangered masassauga rattlesnake. After your outdoor adventure, come inside to the Visitor Center to visit the exhibits and gift shop.

Cover photo credit: smotheringgreen via Instagram.

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Cedar Bog Nature Preserve

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