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A man's home is his castle, and Capone's castle lurks in southwest Hyde Park near the Oak Woods Cemetery. The red brick two-flat is less grand than one might expect from King Alphonse, but considering that he purchased the house for $5,500 (a jackpot in 1920s Chicago) and that his birth home was a squalid Brooklyn tenement, it isn't hard to see the infamous gangster using the six-bedroom building as his sanctuary.  

Once he amassed his booze-fueled fortune, Capone made the bone-warming move from Chicago to Florida and bought a stark white mansion by the sea. However, Capone's mother, Teresina Capone, lived in the Chicago house until she died in 1952.

Capone's Chicago dwelling was his safehouse when he was just starting out in the crime world of the 1920s. According to a 1927 Chicago Tribune story, Capone once holed himself up inside of the house when the Chicago police threatened to arrest him if he stepped outside. 

"I don't even know what street Canada is on."-Al Capone

Today, the home is an oddity on the Chicago housing market. Real estate agents have kept an eye on the place, but it has failed to draw in any major purchasers. Privately owned, the house has avoided turning into a museum or even a regulated tourist sight. However, Chicago crime enthusiasts and Capone nuts can often be seen swinging by the spot to take pictures and maybe score a peek inside. 

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Chicago's Public Enemy #1

Capone's Castle

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