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Reza Masseh – “Baba” to everyone – has cartwheeled around the world. He is a licensed pilot who decided the confines of the cockpit were too stifling for him. He travelled to Israel where, as he set up a chain of French restaurants, he began to learn the art of Capoeira. Today Baba runs the India centres of Cordao De Ouro, a global movement across 85 countries under the Grand Mestre Suassuna and Mestre Cueca.

There is a palpable anticipatory energy as the children run around while the instructors set up. Then you hear the music. The berimbau – whose origins may have been a weapon, disguised as a single stringed percussion instrument – has a distinctive vibration. In comes the tattoo of the atabaque, marking a rhythm that each capoeirista feels in their hands, in their feet.

This class in Mumbai resonates with Cordao-de-Ouro all over the world – in Russia and Israel and Brazil. The family gathers, from all over the world, at conventions, festivals and workshops – sharing their knowledge, exchanging ideas, replenishing each other and maintaining a consistency in the teaching no matter where the classes are.

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