Busch Stadium

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Busch Stadium

St. Louis is one of the great baseball towns. They love the other sports teams in St. Louis too but the Cardinals will forever be number one in the cities heart. The Cardinals have the second most World Series titles behind the New York Yankees and have made the playoffs 13 of the last 17 seasons. Seeing a game at Busch Stadium while grabbing a beer and a hot dog is a multigenerational pastime that anyone can enjoy. Check out this video on opening day to get a feel for how beloved The Cardinals are in St. Louis...

Baseball stadiums are American cathedrals to competition and fun and Busch Stadium is one of the best in the league to visit. Building over the previous Busch Stadium instead of moving out into the suburbs helped keep the downtown feel of the ballpark intact. Many of the new stadiums are built to maximize seating and feel sterile and soulless compared to the older ballparks. This is not so with the new Busch Stadium, the new 46,000 seat retro-style stadium feels intimate and the acoustics are great. The Cardinals also became the first team in almost 100 years to win a World Series Championship in the first season of a new ballpark. These days it is very easy to find tickets online and most of the tickets go for less than 10 dollars. All kinds of concessions are sold at Busch Stadium but it is impossible to go wrong with the classic hot dogs, peanuts, cracker jacks, and beer.

Cover photo courtesy of Christin Noelle via Unsplash.

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Busch Stadium

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