Bubba's BBQ

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Bubba's BBQ

Foodies looking for a simple place to enjoy some traditional Carolina-style, vinegar-based BBQ can easily find it at Bubba's BBQ. This local haunt prides itself on offering the finest quality meats at affordable prices. In fact, this is a great option for those on a budget or folks that enjoy seeking out local eats at value prices.

Bubba uses a 33-hour process to prepare their meat. They use a pit to slow-roast an entire hog until all the fat is gone. With this method, patrons are getting 100% lean meat which is lightly seasoned with crushed red pepper, salt, and vinegar. The cooking style is simple, yet effectively tasty.

In terms of signature dishes, there are several great options to try. Most guests opt to try their "Tantalizing Eastern NC BBQ" which offers cuts of high-quality pork that is slow-cooked for over 18 hours. Platters are known to be huge and hearty but do come in three different sizes. Additionally, Bubba's BBQ is known for its Southern-fried chicken tenders. Pieces of chicken are marinated for 24-hours and then flash-fried to seal in the juices and flavor. Six large pieces are only $9.99. Additionally, those same tenders are used to make the iconic, Southern-style Chicken and Waffles dish which also costs a budget-friendly $9.99 per platter. Bubba's is a good stop for those looking for a barbeque restaurant that is fast, tasty, and easy on the wallet. Cover image courtesy of Pixabay.

Enjoy traditional Eastern Carolina-style BBQ.
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Bubba's BBQ

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