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Biscuits are synonymous with the American South, and when you're in a city so significant to the region's history, it makes sense to have a biscuit place. At least, that's the idea behind Nicole and Byron Jessee's The Fancy Biscuit.

The couple acknowledges that The Fancy Biscuit isn't the first biscuit-centric spot in Richmond, and will point out some of their personal favorite places like Early Bird Biscuit Co. But they envisioned a different concept and sought to put their own spin on biscuits. As the Richmond Times-Dispatch noted:

They envisioned their buttermilk biscuits being simple and straightforward, piled high with creative toppings, and best eaten with a fork and knife. With their eatery, The Fancy Biscuit, they’ve risen to the challenge.

Located near Richmond's historic Fan District, The Fancy Biscuit is a short walk from beautiful Victorian homes and Virginia Commonwealth University. Always looking to be a good member of the community, The Fancy Biscuit partners works with local brands and suppliers. While the space is intimate, it gives an impression that you’re eating in someone’s kitchen. The artsy decor also gives off a warm, Southern Hospitality feel that adds to the feeling that you’re eating right at home.

When you walk up to The Fancy Biscuit, you’ll see employees rolling and cutting biscuits right in the window. Once you’re seated, you’ll have to take a minute or two to go over all your biscuit options. Some combinations are classic, like shrimp and grits, and others are a little more intriguing, like country ham with Shyndigz house caramel sauce. Whether you’re a carnivore or vegetarian, there’s an option for you. Particular with your tastes? You can build your own biscuit sandwich, too.

Even if you're not feeling like eating biscuits, The Fancy Biscuit has a loaded menu starring classic dishes like fried green tomatoes, chicken pot pie, meatloaf, and even salads those those who have an incredible amount of self control.

Post photo from @lizandheidi via Instagram.

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Welcome to Richmond

Breakfast at the Fancy Biscuit

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