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Brassneck Brewery

Brassneck Brewery opened in October of 2013 but has already started to gain traction in the Mount Pleasant area of Vancouver. Brassneck doesn't try to be overly fancy. They focus on what they know best: beer. Unlike some other breweries in the area, they don't serve food or have a kitchen. Instead, they invite you to sample one of the many food trucks outside and bring your meal inside.

Humble Brews

Brassneck's no-frills attitude extends to its brewing as well. They don't have many outside retailers. In fact, they don't even have bottles! You'll only find kegs and growlers in the brewery. They're not opposed to having bottles in the future, but they're in no rush to grow. As they say, they "have no grand plans to take over the world." Very laid back.

The brewery likes to keep batches small, so your beer will always be fresh. They also experiment with all sorts of new beers. The list on tap is always changing. Since their opening in 2013, they have already brewed 120 different concoctions. Beers on tap include Belgian wheat beers, IPAs, fruit beers, and saisons. You're always likely to find something new.

The Tasting Room

Brassneck has a relatively small 50-person tasting room. Seating is on a first-come-first-serve basis, and they don't take any private reservations. The brewery specifically mentions it might be hard to find space if you are in a large group (six or more people). If you have a big group, Brassneck recommends that you visit from 2–4pm on Monday–Friday or 12–3pm on the weekends.

Cover photo: "Growlers" by Philip McAllister is in the public domain.

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Brassneck Brewery

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