Brasa Premium Rotisserie

600 E Hennepin Ave Minneapolis

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Brasa Premium Rotisserie

Sometimes described as “Creole comfort food,” Brasa’s menu combines flavors from the Caribbean, Mexico, and the US South. If you’re from any of those areas, or just love their food, this is the place to find favorites that might be hard to find elsewhere in Minneapolis, including cheesy grits, yucca fries, yams, and collard greens.

But these cuisines have something in common that people from just about any background can appreciate: a love of meats that have been smoked or slow-cooked with a mix of spices, then served with a tangy sauce. It’s called “barbacoa” in the Caribbean and Mexico, and it’s the traditional meaning of “barbecue” in the US (though the word’s often used to refer to grilling or any outdoor cooking).

Brasa offers their own versions of three classic barbecue sandwiches: slow-roasted pork (served with “house green sauce,” cilantro, and pickles) pulled chicken (served with “house red chile sauce,” cilantro, and pickles) and smoked beef (served with fried onions and sharp cheddar.) For vegetarians there’s a bean fritter served with fresh mozzarella, tomato, and guacamole. And if you’re in more of a breakfast mood, there’s a scrambled egg and Andouille sausage sandwich with local jack cheese and tomato.

Brasa also offers plates featuring these meats or their very popular rotisserie chicken. They’re also known for their corn bread, which you can order as a side. They offer two kinds, a sweet corn cornbread with honey butter, and a “spicy corn masa cake” with jack cheese and pickled onion.

Brasa sources many of their ingredients locally, and their menu features natural & free range meats, organic eggs, produce, beans & coffee. They support several local organizations that promote urban farming and equal access to healthy food. They have another location in St. Paul at 777 Grand Avenue, which offers an additional fried catfish sandwich.

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Best Sandwich Spots in Minneapolis

Brasa Premium Rotisserie

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