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Boston Common, commonly known as "The Commons", is America's Oldest Park. Founded in the 17th Century, the Boston Common has been a gathering point for celebration and expression over its 350+ years. The park was owned by the first European settler of Boston, William Blackstone, until he sold it to the founders of the Massachusetts Bay Company in 1634.

Before it became a park, it served as a cow pasture, British Army Camp, and public hanging square. In fact, four Quakers that were executed here later became known as the Boston Martyrs. It wasn't until around 1830 that the location began its transformation into America's Oldest urban park.

The Boston Common became a U.S. National Historic Landmark in 1987. Today it is a public park managed by the Boston Park Department. Events here range from casual gatherings to concerts and political speeches. Martin Luther King Jr., Pope John Paul II, and Mikhail Gorbachev all spoke at the park.

Within the park, you will find many attractions to enjoy. Playgrounds for children and sporting fields can be seen within the Boston Commons. The Frog Pond, home to summer time splashes and winter ice skating is located within these iron fences. Many food trucks and street vendors set up along the outskirts of the Commons providing a variety of snacks for one to enjoy as you "stroll through the Commons."

Don't be afraid to stop, admire the beautiful vegetation or snap a shot of this scenic park as many find peace and tranquility among this area. Or swing by one of the many statues and monuments, telling the history of events that have taken place in this great Boston landmark.

Cover Photo Credit: Wfbissell via Wikimedia commons

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Boston Commons

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