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Bootlegger's Inn

Situated in the heart of downtown Nashville on the famed Broadway Street, Bootlegger's Inn draws a crowd for their great musicians and unique offerings of moonshine!

A Fine Time for Moonshine

During the 1920s, America went through a very contentious time called the Prohibition Era. Prohibition made it illegal to buy, sell, make, transport, and receive alcoholic beverages. It was a time where moralists and those wanting to imbibe were at odds with each other. This led to the production of what was sometimes called bathtub brew. Bathtub brew, or moonshine, was named for the distilling process. People would distill the spirits at night—by the light of the moon. Speakeasies, juke joints, and back-alley breweries began to spring up everywhere—under the radar, of course. The success of these underground establishments depended on illegal liquor peddlers known as bootleggers.

Bootlegger's Inn

Since the end of prohibition in 1933, serving alcohol is now an acceptable practice in most parts of the country. Here in Nashville, Bootlegger's Inn is taking you back to Prohibition Era. They serve up a good time giving you a taste of the 1920s. They mix up creative batches of the throwback brew and serve it up nightly. Some of the concoctions being served have names like White Lightning, Sweet Tea, and even Apple Pie. Yum!

Aside from moonshine by the barrel, Bootlegger’s Inn also serves up great live music! They have a line-up every night of the week where you can hear some of the wonderful talent Nashville has to offer. Don’t worry, you won’t have to look for the 'coppers' to bust up this party; the moonshine served here is entirely legal and completely delicious.

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Bootlegger's Inn

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