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Blue Blaze Brewing- Craft Your Path

Blue Blaze Brewing opened its doors to the public in 2016 in the historic West End neighborhood of Charlotte. Old friends Craig Nunn and Sven Gierssmann had a passion for making beer and fostering community, thus the idea of Blue Blaze Brewing was born. A goal for the brewery was to create an idyllic stop on the greenway for bikers, walkers, runners and other outdoor activists in the Charlotte community.

At Blue Blaze, the flagship beers are all based on American, English, and German beers using pesticide-free locally-sourced ingredients. A favorite of master brewer Steve Turner is the Blue Blaze Altbier, which is a combination of two very different classic German Altbier styles. The Altbier is crafted together into one refreshing, crisp, lighter-bodied beer that still packs in the flavor. The deep copper maltiness contrasts with the bright white head and spicy finish.

Another favorite of the Charlotte beer aficionados is the Double Blaze Black IPA. It is a synthesis of a Porter and an IPA, resulting in a beautiful balance of citrus hop flavors and tropical aromas, packed tightly into a medium‐body dark ale with a roasty finish.

Craig Nunn and Sven Gierssmann wanted the name of their brewery to reflect the things they value in life, business, and community. Paint stripes — called blazes — of different colors are used on the Appalachian Trail to serve as waypoints and indicate points of interest. Side trails that lead to water, relaxation and camaraderie are identified by a blue blaze. Blue Blaze is named as a source of inspiration to create refreshing and original beer while honoring the communal spirit of the Appalachian Trail.

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Blue Blaze Brewing

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