Bienvenidos a Walker's Point

717 S 2nd St Milwaukee

Milwaukee Public Art Walking Tour/Bienvenidos a Walker's Point
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Bienvenidos a Walker's Point

Our next stop is five blocks east of the “Mural of Peace,” and is a mural titled, “Bienvenidos a Walker’s Point.” This piece was a collaboration between the entirety of Walker’s Point Creative Collective. It took over 130 hours to complete and used more than 300 cans of spray paint in its creation.

Located directly across S 2nd Street from Chacho’s tattoo shop, “Bienvenidos a Walker’s Point” is a dedication to the Walker’s Point neighborhood from locals who eventually founded important community organizations and businesses, including the Walker’s Point Creative Collective, and Walker’s Point Tattoo.

As a commemoration, the mural depicts landmarks from the neighborhood: the Basilica of St. Josephat on the corner of 6th and Lincoln Avenue; the Escuela Verde charter school on Pierce Street; the Daniel Hoan Memorial Bridge; and the Allen-Bradley clock tower. Interspersed throughout these landmarks are also images of the artists’ personal lives. Some of the houses are the artists’ childhood homes. The man with the guitar is artist Adam Correa’s grandfather and a founding member of the Walker’s Point neighborhood.

Other notable illustrations include a skull floating among cloud, a clock tower set to the time of 4:20, and a dog taking a poo. The entire mural was painted freehand, and the details are impressive. It was completed in July 2016.

The artists used the Spanish language to communicate a testimony to the neighborhood’s vibrant Latino culture. Although real estate developers are referring to the area as the “Fifth Ward,” the artists of the Walker’s Point Creative Collective stand firm in their proclamation that it is “Walker’s Point.” As the area continues to move toward gentrification, their presence as artists and as members of the community, set the boundaries needed to maintain their history and defend their future. Cover photo credit: Luke Webb via Pixabay

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Milwaukee Public Art Walking Tour

Bienvenidos a Walker's Point

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