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What you hear is true. With vibrant entertainment and culture, inspiring cuisine and stunning outdoor settings, Austin lets you create a soundtrack all your own. We're home to more than 250 music venues and a vibrant arts scene. So take a look around, and put the Live Music Capital of the World® on your playlist.

It doesn't matter where the night begins, because it ends at Barbarella. The premier dance club in the city, it belongs to everyone. The tech guys, indie kids, frat bros, the gay and drag community all have a home here. The dance club for people who hate dance clubs is how folks at Barbarella like to describe their spot on Red River.

One of the great things about Barbarella is that it can seem like a completely new place depending on which night of the week you're there. Friday is 80's night and will bring out a whole different crowd than Grits and Gravy soul night on Thursday. Tuesgayz may be the most popular gay event in a city known for a wealth of LBGT options, and the first Wednesday of every month is Jimmy Eat Wednesday which celebrates the indie rock of the early aughts. Needless to say, if you like to dance you can find your night at Barbarella.

Opening in 2009 Barbarella instantly became a vital part of the Red River community. It's location in such a thriving section of the city is undoubtable a huge factor in its success. It is a crossroads both geographically and culturally. Staying open until 3am and being walking distance from the other nightlife hubs in the city makes it delightful end of the night catch all for Austin's diverse night life scenes.

Photo courtesy of Justin Arthur via Flickr

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