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If you like playing darts, then you’ll love this activity. It’s like darts, except you throw an axe. It takes a little more focus, and a lot more strength.

Bad Axe Chicago has been up and running since 2014, and took the nation by storm. Not only are there axe throwing places in over 50 different cities and 2 countries, but now they have the world’s biggest urban axe throwing club. It’s a natural thing in Canada and is often a backyard activity there, but now in the US, its perfect for team-building events, parties, or just a normal day. They even offer a birthday special: if you have a birthday group coming in, the birthday person gets in for free.

Bad Axe Chicago offers their customers a lane where they throw the axe at the target. Sort of a modern-day bowling, if you will. You have to wear close-toed shoes when you feel like axe throwing, and definitely book a lane because they fill up pretty quickly. After the orientation and safety procedures are told, it’s time to start throwing! The minimum age to throw in Chicago is 18, but even if you meet the age requirement, that doesn't mean you're set to go. If you are deemed too weak to throw the axe properly, or cannot throw the axe following the safety guidelines, then you won't be able to throw. But fear not, Bad Axe Throwing also has coaches handy, so that you can reach your goal of hitting the bullseye, or maybe to just get it on the board at all. The distance from the board to the thrower is about 21 feet, while the boards bullseye is only about 4 inches wide.

Bad Axe Chicago also offers a throwing league that lasts 8 weeks. You get scored based on how your axe hits the target, and for the first 7 weeks of the season, each league member will get at least 40 competitive throws per night. For more information about their league and how to sign up, check down below.

Bad Axe Throwing is also known for their charity and giving back to communities. Not only have they provided numerous charitable donations to places like United Way, they have also hosted events like "Bad Axe Throwing Toy Fundraiser for Children in Need". Bad Axe Throwing has also worked with Food Share, the Boys and Girls Club of Winnipeg, YouCan Youth Services, and many more.

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