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Hidden Gems of Grand Rapids/Back Room Coffee Experience
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To find Grand Rapids Coffee Roasters one must first find a large red brick building at 1111 Godfrey Ave SW. If you circle the building you will eventually come to the industrial "Dock 4," where you will enter the enormous warehouse of a building. Follow the enticing scent of fresh coffee upstairs to the fifth floor where you will finally come upon Grand Rapids Coffee Roasters.

Grand Rapids Coffee Roasters is not a coffee shop. Rather, it is much more akin to the beer breweries that the city is famous for. This place is a roastery. This particular coffee roastery distributes to over thirty locations throughout Grand Rapids, but although out of six days of the week it is not open to the public, on Saturday it provides a one of a kind experience.

Every Saturday, from 10am to 3pm, Grand Rapids Coffee Roasters opens its doors to the public for their "Saturday Experience." The Saturday Experience started as a way to give friends and family members a taste of the roastery, but as it became more popular the coffee roasters decided to give the caffeine crazed public a sip. The Saturday Experience offers a chance to sample a variety of coffee, while also witnessing the roasting process first hand, but perhaps even more interesting than the coffee is the cast of characters who make and serve it.

The crew at Grand Rapids Coffee Roasters is an intriguing bunch with even more intriguing nick names. There is Lead Roaster & Drawer Amy Bailey or "Half-Pint," graduate art student with a dog named Squishy. There is Shop Director & Sunbeam Personified Nicole Logan, a photographer from a town with a population of 262 who dreams about living in a house with walls made of her collected wine bottles. And there is Saturday Specialist Erin Durfey or "The Ruler," who, you might of guessed, has a large collection of rulers. There is a whole crew of unique folks crafting unique coffee at Grand Rapids Coffee Roasters.

In a city that is known for its beer breweries, it is only right that they also have a great spot for the drink of the daylight hours. The Saturday Experience at Grand Rapids Coffee Roasters is a not to be misses secret of the Grand Rapids community.

Cover Photo Credit: #grandrapidscoffeeroasters via Instagram
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Hidden Gems of Grand Rapids

Back Room Coffee Experience

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