Artwork Fit for a Prince

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Artwork Fit for a Prince

Minneapolis loves its music scene, and with the famous names of Prince and Bob Dylan both having been born and raised in Minnesota, it is no surprise that the city celebrates its artists. When the artist Prince passed away rather unexpectedly in 2016, the city of Minneapolis rallied around his memory, and erected purple memorials complete with paint and balloons, at some of his former haunts like the recording studio in Chanhassen, or the nightclub from Purple Rain.

Two strikingly beautiful murals have also appeared in Minneapolis. One mural of the pieces displays the symbol that characterized him when he was "the artist formerly known as Prince." That mural is located in Uptown, behind the Sencha Tea establishment. Rock "Cyfi" Martinez, the mural artist, completed the painting over one weekend, working tirelessly to complete what he calls a gift to the city of Minneapolis.

The community gathered together to watch Martinez paint the mural, and remembered fond memories of the artist. The You Tube clip below is from a local news station that covered the gathering at the wall that would become the Prince mural.

Martinez initially imagined the design when Prince first fell ill. He considered the mural a get-better-soon message, and then after his passing, it transformed into a memorial. Martinez was careful to pay respect to Prince's symbol instead of including his name in the design since it represents the artist's control over his music.

Cover image by of "Prince black & white portrait" by Dan Lacey via Flickr is licensed under CC-BY 2.0.

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Public Art Tour of Minneapolis

Artwork Fit for a Prince

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