Artful Evening: Halsey Institute

161 Calhoun St Charleston

SEMC Scavenger Hunt/Artful Evening: Halsey Institute
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Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art

The Artful Evening Continues....Next Stop: Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art!

Located at the College of Charleston School of the Arts, the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art provides a multidisciplinary laboratory for the production, presentation, interpretation, and dissemination of ideas by innovative visual artists from around the world. As a non-collecting museum, they create meaningful interactions between adventurous artists and diverse communities within a context that emphasizes the historical, social, and cultural importance of the art of our time. Producing between 4 and 7 temporary visual arts exhibitions each year, the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art focuses on emerging, mid-career, and oddly-overlooked artists from around the world.

Katrina Andry: Over There And Here Is Me And Me

The exhibition Over There And Here Is Me And Me by Katrina Andry is on view until December 7, 2019. The work of Katrina Andry probes the power structures of race-based stereotypes. Using printmaking and installation, she creates visceral images that beckon viewers to examine their own preconceived notions of society. For her exhibition at the Halsey Institute, Andry explores the stereotypes that engender gentrification. As Charleston’s neighborhoods are rapidly changing in multifarious ways, this exhibition provides a springboard for community-wide conversations on gentrification. Andry’s work explores the negative effects of stereotypes on the lives of Black people and how these stereotypes give rise to biased laws and ideologies in our society.

Her large-scale prints confront the viewer with these derogatory cultural clichés. The figures in the prints represent those who are targeted by racist characterizations. However, Andry specifically uses non-minority figures in this role to illustrate the fact that stereotypes are unjustly perpetuated. Stereotypes are neither based on truth nor innate characteristics of a specific person, instead, they are ideas forced onto a group of people as a whole. Portraying entire populations in a negative light, stereotypes confer on the perpetuator an impression of superiority and a greater sense of normalcy. For her exhibition at the Halsey Institute, Andry has created a new body of prints, as well as a new wallpaper installation. Katrina Andry: Over There and Here is Me and Me is supported in part by SC Humanities, the Quality Enhancement Plan at the College of Charleston, and The Henry and Sylvia Yaschik Foundation.

Your Challenge

Explore the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art! Who is the artist behind the 'Linked' exhibit? The answer to that question will open up your next clue.

HINT: You can also find the answer in the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art experience on VAMONDE.

Information and photos provided by the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art.

Describe the medium used for the piece shared by the Gibbes Museum? (3 words)

SEMC Scavenger Hunt

Artful Evening: Halsey Institute

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