Art Car Museum

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Art Car Museum

Also known as the Garage Mahal, the Art Car Museum is a really fun place to visit while in Houston. If you are looking for some unique photos with a twist, this is a stop that you are definitely going to want to make. The museum is dedicated to all sorts of temporary art, with cars being the main focus. The types of art that are on display here are either rarely, or never, acknowledged by other artistic institutions. The museum uses cars as a way to educate the public on various things, such as political and cultural art. Cars here have an emphasis on personal expression and many of the cars use subjects from popular culture.

There are many fun and Instagram worthy exhibitions at the Art Car Museum

Each car on display is unique and it is obvious that each piece took quite a bit of time to complete. Some are brightly colored, some have patterns, and some are a little weird. Your Instagram feed will thank you after visiting this museum! While this museum will be an interesting visit for anyone, car lovers will find themselves having a great time seeing the different models of cars decorated in unique ways. From low riders to one of a kind cars, there are no limits when it comes to what is possible here. The Art Car Museum likes to allow the public free access to art, so admissions to the museum are always free; however, if you have a particularly good time, you are free to leave a donation! Donations help the museum stay open and free, and allows you to continue to take amazing Instagram photos!

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Art Car Museum

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