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Art Alley

The famous Art Alley serves as a blank canvas for street artists looking to release their inner creativity. Most tourists only come across the hidden corridor if they happen to notice a hand-painted warning, diverting them down the path. This passageway into the colorful and creative world of street art has been graced by some of the nation’s most talented graffiti artists. What began as a down-and-out ugly alley is now a popular and inviting tourist attraction.

Where to Find Art Alley

Art Alley is located in the Crossroads Art District between 17th and 18th Streets. Start your journey at 18th & Locust Street, and follow the alley north. If you lose your bearings, simply follow the artwork. There are many concealed nooks and crannies throughout the area, so don’t be scared to veer off course. You might just stumble across a freshly painted work of art.

Many visitors enjoy going off the beaten path and taking the short stroll through the neighborhood, granting them some time to allow their own creative juices to begin flowing.

The below video offers a sneak peek of Art Alley. Learn why it's considered one of Kansas City's best-hidden gems:

About the Artwork

Artists need to receive permission from Jason Harrington, the gatekeeper of the painting project, and from local business owners. In the past, many business owners complained about the tagging of offensive graffiti on their property. However, thanks to cooperation between Harrington and the property owners, the negative energy of graffiti tagging has been transformed into the positive activity of creating art.

In addition, the colorful wonderland inspires others and positively transforms the neighborhood. The Alley has now become a movement where artists from all over the world come to show off their work and assist in adding beauty to the Kansas City district.

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Cover image by Paul Sableman is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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Art Alley

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