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Archetype Brewing Company

Archetype Brewing Company first opened its doors in 2016 with the idea of a brewery that would brew experimental and funky beers, reflecting the West Asheville culture. They wanted to create beers that would push the boundaries of style and utilize inspiration from local flavors and ingredients, along with a space that would provide as a neighborhood social hub.

Available Brews

Archetype has a variety of different brews to choose from at their two locations: one in West Asheville and the other in Downtown Asheville. The brewing process is inspired by Belgian brewing practices, a free-form style with a reliance on constant experimentation. A commitment to buying from local vendors and utilizing local ingredients is a kept promise in each of their unique brews. Barrel-aged Saisons, Belgian strong ales, pilsners, IPAs, and everything in between grace the menu. Creative names for their beers have become the name of the game at Archetype. With names like Commitment Phobia (IPA), Cowboy Poet (Lager), Shoulder Devil (Double IPA), Talking to Plants (Witbier), and Cleopatra Complex (Barrel-Aged Saison), you're sure to find a brew that makes you think and have a good laugh.

Why Archetype?

The story of Archetype Brewing goes back to the Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961). Jung became known for a psychological concept he developed called the Archetypal Phenomena. Jung proposes that all human behavior can be deduced to 12 archaic, universal patterns manifesting from the collective unconscious. These patterns are represented by characters in story, myth, religion, and dream. Put simply, they're projections of the wonders of our shared existence.

The four main ingredients in Archetype's beer are grain, hops, yeast, and water. These ingredients are combined to bring out its own personality and behavior, which in turn allows it to take on the qualities of Jung’s archetypes. Whether it's a dark stout or bright sour, the characteristics give it life, identity, and complexity.

What's Your Archetype Quiz

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Archetype Brewing Company

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