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Beyond Wrigley/Alta Vista Terrace
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Sitting just a block north of Wrigley Field is a row of beautifully arranged townhouses, whose pastel brick colors attract visitors from all across the city to view the charm of this street. The Alta Vista Terrace District is a residential street designed by multiple architects under direction of developer Samuel Eberly Gross. Each house maintains its own specific characteristics; you'll see a front door topped with a pointed Gothic arch, a Greek Revival pediment, or a row of windows in a curved bay. Yet, while each house is unique, the townhome design of the street creates a seamless facade of beautiful brick throughout the row. Another interesting feature about the Alta Vista Terrace homes is their curious lot sizes. Lots in this district have only half the depth as a standard Chicago lot. This adds to the small-town, neighborhood feel many enjoy about the street.

The last, and most interesting detail about the street is the mirrored design of the entire row! The 20 homes on either side of the street mirror each other diagonally. Check it out for yourself: stand at one end of the block, the house in front of you will match the style of the house across the street at the other end of the terrace. As you continue to walk toward the center of the block, you should be able to notice the recurring architectural styles of the homes.

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Beyond Wrigley

Alta Vista Terrace

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