Allen-Bradley Clock Tower

1201 S 2nd St Milwaukee

8 Iconic Buildings In Milwaukee/Allen-Bradley Clock Tower
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Allen-Bradley Clock Tower

Towering above the headquarters of Rockwell Automation, the Allen-Bradley clock tower is America's largest four-faced clock and the world's politest (it does not ring every hour). In 1962, it was the largest in the world, which is why it never got bells to ring the hour--so the significantly smaller Big Ben could keep its record as the world’s largest four-faced chiming clock.

Though there's no way to visit the tower itself--Rockwell Automation keeps the tower's impressive observation deck for corporate events, it's becomes a community fixture over the years. Locals call it "The Polish Moon," ships use it to navigate, and Rockwell employees complain about getting inundated with calls whenever one of the faces gets out of sync. If you see an annoyed-looking security guard staring at the clock and giving directions over the radio, you're witnessing the power of grassroots movements in action.

Less visible from street level is the 50,000 square-foot green rooftop beneath the tower, growing a dozen different kinds of local plants and flowers--a look at the future of urban architecture, or a chance to imagine what it would look like without us in it. Header photo by Wikipedia user Purple Slog and licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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8 Iconic Buildings In Milwaukee

Allen-Bradley Clock Tower

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