Agustin Gainza Art and Tavern

1652 SW 8th St Miami

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Agustin Gainza Art and Tavern

Miami has plenty of art galleries and plenty of Latin restaurants, but only one place that combines both. Agustin Gainza Art and Tavern, also known as Taberna del Pintor, is a unique attraction in a unique neighborhood, Miami’s Little Havana. Founded by artist Agustin Ganza, it features his vibrant art alongside a small menu of gourmet Caribbean dishes, served tapas-style, and specialty drinks.

The Artist

Agustin Gainza is a Cuban-American visual artist and ceramicist who has exhibited work in the US, Europe, and the Caribbean. He has lived in Miami since 1979, and in 2001 he opened his gallery in Little Havana. In 2016, he decided to try something new: combining art with food and live music.

The Tavern

The Tavern’s signature drink is the “Mojito hasta que se seque el Malecon,” which means “Mojito until the Malecón dries,” referring to a famous seawall in Havana. The “seasonally inspired” food menu changes, but generally features a special version of classic Caribbean dishes named for people and places, such as pulpo (octopus) “a la Gainza,” “Garbanzos de Galdys,” “La Tortilla Ma Theodora,” and croquettes “a la Monina.”

The Shop

The shop features gift items as well as Gainza’s paintings and prints. These feature harlequins, circus scenes, hot air balloons, and studies of women from different Caribbean backgrounds.

Cover image: Image by StockSnap from Pixabay.

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Agustin Gainza Art and Tavern

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