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Simple Beginnings

At the beginning of the 19th century, the hilly landscape north of the Baltimore harbor was a place for the large country homes and estates that reflected the wealth of the growing city and offered their owners a retreat from the yellow fever epidemics that still regularly swept through the crowded blocks downtown. It wasn't until the mid 1800s that turnpikes began to connect country to city and what was once a town of large estates was divided into smaller plots of lands and developed into suburbs.

“That was back in the ’80’s! when the few people who lived along Boundary Avenue, as North was called then, were considered suburbanites…for not only was the neighborhood far from civilization. It had a distinct off-the-beaten-path atmosphere….We moved across the line, occupying a large house (323) in the 300 block. It was one of the only group of houses on the south side between Calvert and Greenmount, and even then all of the houses in the block were empty save the one in which lived a Dr. White.” - Resident commenting on neighborhood in 1958
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Transportation Hub Emerges

The completion of the Baltimore and Potomac Tunnel in 1873 brought with it as new wave of industrialization since Washington D.C. and Baltimore were now connected by railroad. Around this time the The Crown Cork & Seal Company moved in and railroads expanded.

Once Industrial, Now Creative

Today, Station North is well-known for its growing importance as a home for artists, musicians and designers. In recent years, former factories have been transformed into schools and artist studios. The exciting progress of this neighborhood’s renewal and revitalization is based on a rich history and a tremendous collection of local landmarks that have long made North Avenue an important destination for Baltimore residents. Explore the history of Station North through our Explore Baltimore Heritage tour.

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