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Six Square is the nexus of thriving Black arts and culture in Central East Austin. We re-animate cultural spaces, connect community, and honor the past, present, and future of Austin’s Black Cultural District.

The District

The District is six square miles of historic geographic sites that we are preserving for future generations. We are creating an incubation space where art and culture can be celebrated and enjoyed and brought to the limelight, not just for the community who lives here, but for all of Austin and Austin’s visitors.

We preserve and celebrate the rich cultural legacy of African Americans with a specific focus on blacks of Central East Austin. We accomplish our work with relevant programming in Cultural Arts, Education, Economic Development and Preservation. The name Six Square is descriptive of the six square miles of the old “Negro District” in Central East Austin, that was created by the City’s 1928 Master plan, designed to address the “Negro Problem.” The goal was to keep the races from mixing. Black residents who refused to move to this area risked being denied basic city services such as water, electricity, or proper roads.

Getting Involved

The great work of Six Square is made possible through volunteer support. If you would like to contribute to a growing organization dedicated to preserving and celebrating the cultural legacy of African Americans, become a volunteer.

Help preserve Austin's African American heritage

We have a number of opportunities for you to donate to Six Square. You can join our Legacy Builders campaign, which is a community of supporters who make ongoing financial commitments to ensure the long-term sustainability of Six Square. You can also make a one-time donation of money, cars, land or stocks and bonds.

A Window Into Six Square

About Six Square

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