Abo Youssef

2101 Manor Rd Austin

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Who says you can't get great food at a gas station? Anyone who has been to Abo Youssef knows better. Located in the parking lot of the bright red and yellow Manor Express convenience store, Abo Youssef has become a staple of the neighborhood. Halal food is not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Austin food trucks, but Abo Youssef is quickly becoming one of the cities favorite no fuss eateries.

Samir, the owner and operator of Abo Youssef, is passionate about food and his passion is evident in every bite. Many peoples favorite is the chicken shawarma, juicy marinated chicken smothered in homemade tzatziki sauce served over a healthy bed of salad and rice. Everything at Abo Youssef is made fresh, and often times mint tea will be offered up free in cold weather. If you have room at the end the baklava has been receiving rave reviews from locals. So if you are in the mood for Mediterranean, head over to Manor and grab some of the best in the city.

Cover Photo Courtesy of spoon_texas via Instagram

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Abo Youssef

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