A plant rainbow

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What does color do for plants?

Plants have many reasons to use different colors: to make food, to find pollinators, to warn predators, and more. Scientists are just beginning to understand all the ways color is important to a plant's survival and new discoveries are made daily about the wild world of plants.

While the Conservatory is a very green place, there are lots of other colors to find in our greenhouses. Join us on this adventure to see how many colors you can find while discovering just why these colors are important to plants.

Why do some plants look so different?

As you go through this color safari tour, you'll also discover why plants have so many different colors and appearances. Why do cacti have spines? How come bananas change color? Why is the fern room so green?

Why are some flowers bright red while others are white or violet or blue? Why do some leaves have a red or purple underside? How does a banana go from green to yellow when it's ripe?

Join us for this digital color safari that celebrates all the diversity of the plants in our collection from one end of the rainbow to the other.

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The Golden Hour Color Safari

A plant rainbow

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