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Complicated history aside, one aspect of the Antebellum period in the American South that is beyond question is the aesthetic beauty of many of the mansions and manors owned by the wealthiest among them. The remains of these plantations attract countless tourists and still inspire awe among visitors today. For New Orleans in particular, the Antebellum period was the city’s’ golden age. Today it is widely recognized as the most prosperous period in the city’s history. During the Antebellum period itself, the building that houses the 1850 House was a townhouse on the second and third floor and the first housed a shop. The 1850 House today is a faithful reconstruction of homes owned by the wealthy and upper middle class at that time. Prior to its acquisition by the Louisiana State Museum, the building was home to merchants and other businesses operating in the French Quarter. Today that tradition continues as businesses operate on the first floor of the building while the residences not part of the 1850 House remain occupied. The 1850 House is furnished and decorated authentically for the era, featuring antique furniture with a history in the city, or reconstructed according to the prevailing manner. The house includes styles that were popular during that time including Gothic Revival and Classical Revival architecture. It also includes authentic decorations such as Parisian porcelain and New Orleans silver.

For those curious about the history of New Orleans the 1850 House represents, the building also includes a gift shop with an impressive array of books, with texts on topics ranging from history, to art, to culture, to even Voodoo. Tours can be arranged, or you can explore the residence yourself. Admission is $5 for adults.

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History of New Orleans

1850 House

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