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A tour of the 100 Street Funicular

The river valley is a beautiful place, but there’s challenges getting to it and enjoying it. The Funicular project is an attempt to overcome accessibility challenges by connecting downtown Edmonton and the people who live there to the Edmonton River Valley. For the design team, the project began as a functional exercise, how do you get from point A to point B, driven from more of a technical point of view. Working closely with the City of Edmonton allowed the project team to expand the initial focus of the project, that was centered on infrastructure, and become a Design and Public Realm exercise. The final design presents a linear park or an installation that exists as a series of moments. The original project intended to remove the original stairs, but the bus stop at the bottom on Grierson Hill road was an important connection, and so in the vein of connectivity and offering alternative modes of transportation, the team decided to maintain access to transit. The project also connects to the Shaw Conference Centre. Dialog was brought on to create an original concept design. The city’s approach to the Funicular project is that it is faze one of a mechanized approach to the river valley across the city. There has been talks of connecting Old Strathcona to the Kinsmen grounds as one of the other potential locations, as a southern counterpart to the downtown Funicular. The current funicular will be studied and assessed, to ensure that it is being used and is achieving its vision and objective.

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